Rita Camacho Lomeli

Moving across visual art forms and everyday events such as walking and conversing, my work focuses on revealing the formal, the material and the contemporary condition of objects and spaces, making them visible and tangible in a different way. I create drawings, print works, performances and installations. They are improvisational sites that question our making of the world through language and knowledge. One of the main concerns in my practice is to examine one of the most critical issues in traditional aesthetics, "the frame." My artistic query questions its own frame, either through public art projects or within the gallery. My interest is to expand the notion of the frame as an imaginary outline, as "the repose" "in the fullness of motion." Thus, in my projects, I consider the frame an open process of interaction with the environment. Therefore, I contest to what extent nondescript objects, quotidian events, and the randomness of the public space are part of the meaning of my work. In the tradition of testing procedures, rather than personal expression, I have recently incorporated chance operations into my work. Consequently, I am in the continuous exploration in which the boundaries of art and the environment are no longer clear, searching to create works that interrelate art and life.