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The project proposal I am presenting for The Chinati Foundation Artist in Residence consists of creating site-specific pieces using the dimensions and features of the temporary studio that will be assigned to me in Marfa; as a manner to write a note, a comment on the architecture of the studio space. These assemblages will be light in weight, medium in size and easy to carry or move around, and they may either be shown in the studio, gallery or the public space. To build these portable structures, I will select materials based on their colour, textures, weight and reactions to light. You will find a quilt-looking structure made out of scrub sponges of different colours in the support material. In those images, you will see how this rectangular shape structure adjusts and connects corners or links the floor and the wall of a room. Even though this piece was not created site specifically, the works I will build during my time in Marfa will be. Thus, through simple yet meaningful interventionist actions, using everyday objects, I plan to expand this line of work, responding to space and time as they occur in the studio. During daily walks around Marfa, I will get the things that I will use to build these structures, using frugal materials and found objects and everyday items found in the stores of the town.