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Somewhere in Between
Somewhere in Between

Xpace Gallery
as if you still see it in front of you. Curated by Lisa Visser. Images Festival, 2011

Nate's song
Keith's song

I asked friends, friends of friends and colleagues to share a song with me via Skype. This undertaking departs from the participatory process that allowed me to simultaneously interact in real-time with the participants, from room to room and from one part of the world to another. The participants have shared their best performance by singing songs as trained or amateur/shower singers. I explore the reunification of people through media extensions, exposing in evidence the performativity of the interface. The virtual connection closes the gap between the singer and myself, creating a personal meeting over distance and time barriers. The encounters generated emotion via digitalized relations through a screen's shield, a technological framework, exceeding the limitations of wires and signals. They bring a sensorial, emotional and psychological relation, offering for consideration the screen as an initial barrier but at the same time as a medium of affective connection.